• Homeschool Leader

    This web-based tool lets homeschoolers organize, track and report on their time

  • Beaker

    A developer tool to help quickly create, run and track acceptance tests

  • Stacker

    For manipulating image files quickly and easily on Windows

  • ScribbleSquid

    A web-based collarobative tool for short story writers

iWonder Designs

I am a software developer and designer who makes applications for Windows, Mac and the web. The apps above are just some of my personal projects. I occasionally do freelance work for clients mostly in the realm of web development. I am also a co-founder of Propeller Interactive

Homeschool Leader

A tool for homeschooling parents to manage their class load, track progress and generate reports for homeschool reviews.


An open-source tool for developers and QA to write, run and track manual acceptance tests. Focusing on ease of use, users can get up and running in a matter of minutes.


A Windows app that takes a unique approach to image manipulation. Stacker is an easy to use batch image processor that supports many different image transformations.


A web-based collaborative tool for short story writers to get feedback from fellow writers, keep previous versions and track submissions