Google and Verizon’s plan is a missed opportunity

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I do not agree at all with this. In fact, it’s not really clear to me how wireless differs from wired broadband except that it seems to be a whole lot more profitable. In the US, there are only two viable wireless providers and one of them is Verizon. Boo.Hiss

Sixth, we both recognize that wireless broadband is different from the traditional wireline world, in part because the mobile marketplace is more competitive and changing rapidly. In recognition of the still-nascent nature of the wireless broadband marketplace, under this proposal we would not now apply most of the wireline principles to wireless, except for the transparency requirement. In addition, the Government Accountability Office would be required to report to Congress annually on developments in the wireless broadband marketplace, and whether or not current policies are working to protect consumers.

via Google Public Policy Blog: A joint policy proposal for an open Internet.

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